Critical Theory for Musicology is an interdisciplinary study group in association with the Institute of Musical Research, established in July 2015. Its aim is to provide a learning space for those interested in the interactions between Critical Theory and Musicology, with a specific focus on the ways in which various methods of critical thought can be used within musicological disciplines such as music analysis and historical musicology. We hope to provoke effective dialogue between multiple disciplines, as well as to support those with an interest in either musicology or critical theory in order to move beyond the technical language barriers commonly associated with each discipline.

We aim to achieve this through the following activities:

  • A monthly student-led reading group for students of any level and from any discipline that reads various core critical theory texts from a musicological perspective
  • A series of smaller workshops to provide a space for those working with critical theory and musicology to develop ideas, or to learn more about key theories from either discipline
  • An annual study day/conference event to give those working within the disciplines a space to present work
  • An online presence through a mailing list, blog, and links to other social media platforms


The group was set up and is currently co-lead by:

Rebecca Day 
Rachel McCarthy
Nathan Mercieca
David Curran
Katie Cattell


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